CMS Group Inc Offers A Wealth of Experience

Las Vegas, Nevada – October 23, 2014 – CMS Group Inc has brought together the dedication, commitment and the wealth of experience of casino and hospitality executives to form a company that wants to assist with the challenges of today’s business and create solutions to exceed the business goals and expectations. CMS Group is a casino marketing and management solutions provider that brings decades of experience with its executive team and a large network of resources from the casino and hospitality industries.

CMS Group was created to assist casino owners, investors, executives and management teams with everything from day-to-day operations to long range planning. CMS Group is comprised of senior level executives with extensive experience with major gaming companies and tribal gaming operations.

“We are excited to have this much knowledge and experience on our team, and have a team that is capable of passing that knowledge and experience on to other managers and executives in the casino industry. This is what makes CMS Group different; we are here to help,” says Larry King, Vice Chief Finance Officer. “I am proud to be a part of such a diverse team that has experience in all areas of casino marketing and management. We have the unique opportunity to work together on customized solutions for each client.” “Working together along with partnering with casino teams from around the world is what makes us unique,” stated Rick Campbell, Managing Director.

CMS Group has also created a workshop and training service that will be taking place in locations around the United States and in Europe. “The workshops and seminars gives us a chance to discuss the challenges of operating a casino in today’s business environment and meet with executives in small groups.”, stated Richard Kline, Vice President Casino Operations. A calendar of events is available at

About CMS Group Inc
CMS Group is based in Las Vegas, Nevada with offices in California, Iowa, Missouri, Texas and Florida. CMS Group’s team of casino executives have all worked from entry level positions in the casino industry up to executive level corporate and property level positions prior to joining CMS Group. CMS Group is a leader in casino marketing systems technology and continues to create solutions for the casino and hospitality industries utilizing the latest technologies. CMS Group also serves as an advisor to the annual Global Gaming Expo and conducts seminars and sessions around the United States and Europe.  CMS Group is available to assist with the business challenges at all levels of the organization.  For more information, please visit us at