CMS Group was founded by a group of elite gaming and hospitality executives with decades of experience focused on marketing, management, consulting and business development.  The executives at CMS Group have combined their talents and expertise to create innovative and cutting edge solutions for all areas of the casino, hospitality and many other industries.

What makes CMS Group different?  Every person at CMS Group has worked in the casino and hospitality industries most of their careers.  The team at CMS Group continues to make a difference in the casino and hospitality industries and insures the businesses and organizations they work with are more successful and more profitable.

Meet the Team

Individuals working separately do not make a business successful.  A collective team of experienced individuals with a strong passion and determination can maintain efficiencies and create greater success for a company than any single person.

Rick Campbell
Larry King
Tamara Luan
Mark Leiby
Tom Grady
Keith Pakish
January Jones
Kelly Symone
Angela Nelson
Rick Rodrigo
Sheri Wright
Sheri Wright
Michael Hemphill