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In today’s marketing, a full view of your customers and prospects is essential for every industry and organization.  We meet the challenge with solutions that bring the audience to you, allowing you to reach and engage your most qualified prospects.

We are pioneers and experts in data.  Our quality, depth, and range of data are unsurpassed.  We provide innovative, data-driven multichannel marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, delivering complete tailored solutions that streamline marketing and operations.

  • Audience Solutions
  • High Value Data
  • Data Processing
  • Prospecting of Customers
  • Strategic Insights
  • List Brokerage & Management
  • Database & Merge / Purge Solutions

At CMS Group, we can fill in the "holes" in your data, providing updated contact information for each person in your database and also demographic and interest information for each of your guest.

Demographic Marketing
Demographic Marketing 2

Data is king, and the gaming industry is overflowing with untapped potential.  Competition is getting tougher and tougher.  Some of these properties have deep pockets for a team of analysts.  Some properties have a difficult time attacking talent and affording the high cost of an analyst.  We provide executives and marketing teams with monthly reporting that drills down into the details of your most valuable data.  And better yet, we provide a one-sheet executive summary highlighting the hidden potential this data reveals.


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Comp Dashboard


Host Details


  • Executive Summary

oMay 2017 showed an increase over May 2016 in Ancillary Spend of 5.6%

o May 2017 showed an increase over May 2016 in Gaming Spend of 8.4%

  • Executive Actionable Items

oAugust 2016 showed in increase in revenue at “The Shop” of 26% over all other months in 2016.  The type of patron in house during that time showed an interest in the supplies at that location.

  • Host Actionable Items

oJuly 2016 and July 2015,  player 332754 was on property and had an ADT of $592 over 6 days (3 2016 and 3 2015), Call before the end of May to plan their next trip and try and extend for a couple days.

  • Marketing Actionable Items

oJuly 2016, 4th of July had the 2nd highest revenue day ranking against all of July 2016.  Promotion was “Red White and Blue Scratch Card”

  • Slot Actionable Items

oMachine 1456 is showing a month over month decrease in play of 24.2% per month, Coin in over the last 6 months went from $1597 Average Daily Coin in (ADCI) in Jan 2017 to $547 ADCI

Manipulating Customer Behavior

Successful marketing is about reaching a consumer with an interesting offer when he or she is primed to accept that offer. Knowing what might interest a patron is half the battle to making a sale, and this is where customer intelligence and predictive analytics comes in. Customer analytics has evolved from simply reporting customer  behavior to segmenting customers based on their profitability to predicting that profitability, to improving those predictions, to actually manipulating customer behavior with target-specific promotional offers and marketing campaigns.

Predictive modeling is only useful if it is deployed and it creates an action. Taking advantage of the more powerful, statistically based segmentation methods, customers can be segmented not only on dollar values but also on all known information, which can include behavioral information gleaned from resort activities, as well as the patron’s simple demographic information. This more detailed segmentation allows for more targeted and customer-focused marketing campaigns. Models can be evaluated and reports generated on multiple statistical measures, such as neural networks, decision trees, genetic algorithms, the nearest neighbor method, rule induction, and lift and gains charts.